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Services for Surgical, Device, Diagnostics and Biotechnology Companies

Medical Market Entry Research Initiatives

Corathers Health can provide critical support information for companies attempting to enter new medical markets.

Corathers Health has completed medical market entry insight projects for a wide variety of company profiles, including well established and emerging healthcare corporations, as well as out-of-industry companies interested in crossing-over into particular medical markets.

Medical Market Validation Initiatives

Corathers Health can utilize a quantitative and/or qualitative approach to help clients validate a set of market beliefs.

CHC’s market validation initiatives can provide rich and targeted information to companies that have a medical market knowledge gap within a critical area of concern.

Product Launch/Market Segmentation Insight Studies

CHC’s market segmentation studies can provide critical preparatory insight for the product launch of a medical device that will be used by more than one healthcare discipline (and/or be utilized by multiple settings such as private practices, surgical centers and hospitals).

Blinded Physician Perception/Surgeon Customer Research

Corathers Health is capable of providing extraordinary physician market research targeting single or multiple physician specialties.

Corathers Health utilizes a variety of data collection methodologies. The firm has the capacity to field exclusive physician interviews focusing on a limited number of special providers, as well as the capacity to survey hundreds of physicians for important thoughts/perceptions on critical topics for larger-scale research projects.

Hospital Market Insight Studies

The firm offers exceptional qualitative research in order to help companies gain critical hospital market insight via professionals with experience in targeted disciplines (such as C-suite executive backgrounds and specialty nursing provider backgrounds).

Medical/Surgical Sales Team Perception Studies

Corathers Health can provide companies with sales force research in order to provide critical insight to management teams working on improvement processes and/or sales effectiveness goals.

A CHC qualitative study initiative, conducted via individual interviews of sales representatives (from the company’s own team), can provide unique and valuable opinion-based insight.

Communication Services

Corathers Health can develop customized initiatives to help clients with business communications around the globe.

Corathers Health can also provide medical device, surgical product, diagnostics and biotechnology companies with unique communication bridging services. Focusing on who the company needs to meet and why, CHC can help identify and/or connect clients to important industry players through a unique B2B introduction service.

Luminary Discovery Services

This unique and top class service harnesses physician-to-physician educational based discussions that provide the opportunity to channel creative thinking at the uppermost levels.  Through one-to-one physician encounters, a physician luminary facilitates a dialogue surrounding a highly specific/customized category of medical technology.

Support and/or validation data with respect to next-generation priorities, unmet needs, innovative paths and/or a ground-breaking direction, can be critical to medical device companies worldwide.

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