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Physician Engagement Perception Insights Assessment Service

A CHC Qualitative Insight Initiative Via the Physician/Provider Voice™

Hospitals wanting to improve physician-hospital engagement can take a page from Corathers Health Consulting’s history in assisting the medical device
industry to benefit from physician perception insight studies.

For more than 25 years, Corathers Health has worked to gain strategic and actionable insights from physician (and executive) communities.

As today’s hospital environment requires strong physician-hospital collaborations for ultimate success, Corathers Health Consulting can provide hospitals with customized provider perception study initiatives that focus on insight specific to priorities.

Cathy Corathers, chief officer and founder of Corathers Health, suggests that, “Some hospitals striving to cultivate better interactive relations between administrators and physicians may have missed a critical opening step in the engagement process… the identification of provider priorities surrounding physician-hospital engagement.”

The Power of Asking….

In a patient-centric environment, is the physician still a customer?  Corathers Health believes, that in addition to being integral team members, physicians are certainly one of the customer segmentations for hospitals. And, the only way to attract more customers and keep current customers happy is to ensure you are offering the things they truly value.

Great organizations know the best way to understand customer values is to ask the customer.

That’s what we do at Corathers Health. We ask physicians questions.

Often, we find physicians bring different perspectives to healthcare issues and opportunities. Understanding those perspectives is a necessary step in making facilities great places for physicians to practice, employees to work and patients to receive quality care.

Provider insights, values and opinions are there for the taking when hospitals integrate the power of asking into strategy and decision making. Corathers Health gives you that power.

The Hospital as a Daily Environment….

There’s no need to ask if physician burnout is a problem. It is. The reasons why are well researched and documented.

What’s missing? Answers.

That’s what we do at Corathers Health. We ask physicians questions.

Our physician insight processes represent nimble and efficient ways for you to:

  • Gain visibility into your physicians’ values, opinions and priorities
  • Find quick-win opportunities for responding to physician input
  • Help validate longer-term priorities

Healthy hospital environments are important, not only for patients but also for the well-being of physicians and staff.  Consider the built-in value of a more healing, energizing and uplifting hospital atmosphere.