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Physician Engagement Perception Insights Assessment Service

A CHC Qualitative Insight Initiative Via the Physician/Provider Voice™

Hospitals wanting to improve physician-hospital engagement can take a page from Corathers Health Consulting’s history in assisting the medical device industry to benefit from physician perception insight studies. As today’s hospital environment requires strong physician-hospital collaborations for ultimate success, Corathers Health Consulting can provide hospitals with customized provider perception study initiatives that focus on insight specific to priorities for hospital engagement (similar studies can focus on referral development needs).

Cathy Corathers, chief officer and founder of Corathers Health, believes that, “Some hospitals striving to cultivate better interactive relations between administrators and physicians may have missed a critical step in the engagement process… the identification of provider priorities surrounding physician-hospital engagement.”


Challenge: A health system needed a physician perception insight study to help identify provider priorities.
Comment: “This fits perfect! This (insight/information) will certainly help us continue to move forward from where last year’s strategic planning left off.”


Challenge: A community based hospital system wanted their physicians/providers surveyed to help identify physician priorities for hospital improvement and new development opportunities for the system.
Comment: “These physician perceptions will serve us very well as we move into our strategic planning sessions and upcoming board presentation.”