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Dedicated to the Advancement of Healthcare Technologies and Innovations

Services for Surgical, Device, Diagnostics and Biotechnology Companies

  • Medical Market Entry Research Initiatives
  • Medical Market Validation Initiatives
  • Product Launch/Market Segmentation Insight Studies
  • Physician Perception/Surgeon Customer Research
  • Medical/Surgical Sales Team Perception Studies
  • Communication Services
  • Consulting Services

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LuminaryExpress™ Service

CHC’s LuminaryExpress™ service can enable a company to glean wisdom, without getting bogged down in an information overload……

Medical Market Insight Initiatives

Corathers Health can provide highly-customized medical market insight initiatives for companies that need critical support information surrounding market entry or market validation.

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Challenge: A global medical device manufacturer needed market-entry research for specific Asian markets.
Comment: “Excellent work! Detailed with great perspectives!  It is a great validation tool…important to our targeting strategy.”
Follow-up Comment: “We really appreciate the work.  This is very helpful to us.”

Challenge: A privately owned technology company with a worldwide presence needed critical market insight in order to launch a new diagnostics device.
Comment: “This is an awesome piece of work.  The market segmentation is phenomenal.  I am blown away with the depth.  Excellent stuff.”
Follow-Up Comment: “I have always been pleased with the knowledge, professionalism, and results that we have received in working with Corathers Health.”

Physician/Provider Perception Research

Corathers Health has been perfecting exclusive physician/provider perception research processes that have produced the firm’s signature service. Such exceptional survey and interview capabilities enable Corathers Health to harness vital provider opinions that serve as the foundation for many customized projects.

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Challenge: Company needed surgeon perceptions in order to better position a specific product and educate their sales force.
Comment: “This is fantastic. You have validated what we thought and offered us great new insight as we move into our national sales meeting.”
Follow-Up Comment: “We hit an all time (national) sales record this past month and believe your work was instrumental in this success.”

Communication Services

Corathers Health can provide medical, surgical, biotechnology and diagnostic device  companies with a variety of unique B2B services.

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Challenge: Established company with a new diagnostic device needed to identify and be introduced to a specific compliment of industry players around the world.
Comment: “Great contacts!”

Challenge: A global medical device company wanted to identify and communicate with a specific segment of industry players in Asia.
Comment: “This is excellent. Great outcomes!”
Follow-up Comment: “BTW, your work (in Asia) continues to pay off for us!”

Challenge: A technology company launching a new diagnostic device wanted to identify and be introduced to a potential early adaptor (within a specific geographic location in Asia).
Comment: “We are very pleased that they have started to use our device.  Excellent!”

Consulting Services

Can a corporate philosophy that includes a spotlight on physician/provider essence help to support a ground-work for hospital sales?

Why wouldn’t a medical company with physician product-users want to magnify responsiveness to a growth opportunity that other competitors may be missing?

Corathers Health’s Physician Overlay Service™ strives to…

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