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The CHC Education Connection

Learning from Extraordinary Innovators™

As a separate service to our primary business line, the CHC Education Connection can assist organizations to access medical giants of healthcare innovations to address highly specialized topics, themes or future trends.

The CHC Education Connection encourages innovator insight across specialty lines.

Top Ten CHC Educational Titles:

●  Orthopedics, Photonics and the Future

●  Eyes, Photonics and the Future

●  Dermatology, Photonics and The Future

●  3D Printing, Surgery and The Future

●  Surgeons and Engineers: Collaborative Pathways for Innovation

●  The Future of OR

●  The Future of Surgery

●  The Future of Minimally Invasive Surgery

●  Mobilizing the Medical Visionary from Within

●  Mentoring and The Next Extraordinary Physician Innovator™

Plus, in keeping with the theme of innovation, there are a variety of educational formats available.

Note: Physician Educators are Independent Contractors