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Your Specialty

Corathers Health projects have touched upon a wide variety of specific medical and surgical specialties over the years.  In-order to provide service information from a specialty perspective, we have selected Ophthalmology to feature here (as an example):

Corathers Health has helped ophthalmic device manufacturers to slash market knowledge-gaps through Corathers Health proprietary market insight research and perception study consulting services (with projects such as Market Entry Go/No-Go Initiatives, Product Validation via Ophthalmologist Insight Studies, Product Launch via Ophthalmologist Perception Positioning and Perception Based Market Segmentation via Subspecialties in Ophthalmology)

In addition to such research based initiatives, Corathers Health provides a variety of Business-to-Business communications, networking, introductory and media preparatory services for the ocular market.

Corathers Health has interfaced with key ocular industry players (such as ophthalmologists, academia, media/publication professionals and business corporations) from a range of locations around the world.

Corathers Health connects innovative businesses and entrepreneurial ophthalmologists with people, ideas and opportunities.  As we have heard many times before, “You have taken us so much farther than we could have come alone”.