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Case Studies

A special thank you to each of our clients. It is an honor to serve you.

Challenge: A global medical device manufacturer needed market-entry research for specific Asian markets.
Comment: “Excellent work! Detailed with great perspectives!  It is a great validation tool…important to our targeting strategy.”
Follow-up Comment: “We really appreciate the work.  This is very helpful to us.”

Challenge: A growing medical device/technology company needed a quick-turnaround market insight study to focus on a unique compliment of highly specialized products.
Comment: “Very good. Commend you on the work. Really solid. Well done! Really does help us!”

Challenge: A privately owned technology company with a worldwide presence needed critical market insight in order to launch a new diagnostics device.
Comment: “This is an awesome piece of work.  The market segmentation is phenomenal.  I am blown away with the depth.  Excellent stuff.”
Follow-Up Comment: “I have always been pleased with the knowledge, professionalism, and results that we have received in working with Corathers Health.”

Challenge: Emerging medical device company needed market entry research and analysis for a new medical product.
Comment: “We continue to use the market entry work that Corathers completed for us. In fact, we used it as a part of our presentation to a potential global distributor and they said it was the best entry research that they had ever seen.”

Challenge: A surgical start-up company based in Asia needed to connect and meet with a compliment of US surgeons, highly specialized in their respective field.
Comment: “You have done a great job!”

Challenge: A community based hospital system wanted their physicians/providers surveyed to help identify physician priorities for hospital improvement and new development opportunities for the system.

Comment: “These physician perceptions will serve us very well as we move into our strategic planning sessions and upcoming board presentation.”
Follow-up Comment: “Thanks so much for following up and always being so kind and attentive!”

Challenge: Fortune 500 company needed market research and voice of the customer information in order to help make strategic decisions on a possible roll-out service.
Comment: “…it has been very good and we appreciate all your efforts in getting us the voice from the market…it was a pleasure working with you and your team.”

Challenge: A global medical device company wanted to identify and communicate with a specific segment of industry players in Asia.
Comment: “This is excellent. Great outcomes!”
Follow-up Comment: “BTW, your work (in Asia) continues to pay off for us!”

Challenge: A surgical company needed trusted blinded-research to focus on the priorities of surgeons and the priorities of hospital leaders (with respect to a particular type of surgical procedure).
Comment: “Thank you for this important market insight. It is more information than I anticipated. This has been a positive experience!”
Follow-up Comment (one year later): “I make a reference to it (the study) every month, if not every two weeks.  It is a reminder of fundamentals, so that we don’t get lost in the minor stuff.  It serves as reinforcement and an impetus to move forward, for over-all progress and to be smarter in our field.”

Challenge: A surgical device company needed surgeon opinion research, as well as market insight research to help validate their market positions.
Comment: “Fantastic!  The data was extremely helpful.  It is a pulse on the market. We appreciate your methodology.  By combining qualitative and quantitative (processes), it takes data and makes it extremely informative!”

Challenge: Established company with a new diagnostic device needed to identify and be introduced to a specific compliment of industry players around the world.
Comment: “Great contacts!”

Challenge: Global healthcare company wanted to conduct perception research specific to their sales team.
Comment: “This was great….nice work.”

Challenge: Healthcare technology company needed a customized communication development initiative to help convey vital company news around the globe.
Comment: “Excellent.”

Challenge: A health system needed a physician perception insight study to help identify provider priorities.
Comment: “This fits perfect! This (insight/information) will certainly help us continue to move forward from where last year’s strategic planning left off.”

Challenge: Global healthcare company had a knowledge gap and executives needed insight to help validate their position.
Comment: “Good data.  Did validate (our beliefs).  Appreciate the work you did.  Very good job in a short period of time….helped us put the story together.”

Challenge: A medical technology corporation wanted market-entry insight into a special sector of the chronic disease management market.
“You did nice work in a helpful and timely manner!”

Challenge: Emerging medical device company in need of connectivity services with respect to a new product launch.
Comment: “Your contacts continue to amaze us….you have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have become a true champion of (our product).”

Challenge: Global surgical company needed to better understand surgeon perceptions surrounding adoption of a particular product.
Comment: “Was helpful (to focus on the study findings) at our last national sales meeting.  Very helpful data.  Our sales numbers have been better since then!”

Challenge: Global surgical company needed specific surgeon insight within a quick turn-around- time.
Comment: “This is really good.  Great job….to you and your team.  Looks really good.  Will really help us in the (next) quarter.”

Challenge: Established global corporation (non-healthcare) pursuing medical market entry needed very specific medical device market research completed.
Comment: “We are happy with the report and all of the information.”

Challenge: Technology company with a new device in concept needed connectivity services with larger industry player(s) in order to move into commercialization phase.
Comment: “We are impressed!”

Challenge: Outside-industry client working to tailor instrumentation and launch these devices into a niche segment of the medical market contracted with Corathers to help them connect to critical industry players.
Comment: “This is exactly what we wanted.”

Challenge: Company needed surgeon perceptions in order to better position a specific product and educate their sales force.
Comment: “This is fantastic. You have validated what we thought and offered us great new insight as we move into our national sales meeting.”
Follow-Up Comment: “We hit an all time (national) sales record this past month and believe your work was instrumental in this success.”

Challenge: Client needed a rapid-turn-around market validation study.
Comment: “This is incredibly powerful information.”

Challenge: Client needed to understand market dynamics and obtain guidance in order to protect current business and acquire new business.
Comment: “This study offered more than validation. We will use it to craft a compelling strategy.”
Follow-Up Comment: “The study…has gone a long way in helping us align ourselves with this market.”

Challenge: Client needed market information to leverage current position.
Comment: “You did a great job, please thank your team for us.”

Challenge: Client needed critical information for market entry.
Comment: “…the method and results of that study have been very well received.”

Challenge: Well established corporation needed an extremely high-level perception study to focus on a unique sector of the surgical market.

Comment: “This was quite helpful and quite useful!”

Challenge: Global company needed physician-based medical market information on a surgical technology in order to upgrade the technology for the next generation device.

Comment: “…the business continues to grow and your work often referenced as we work to develop new technologies…”

Challenge: Global company needed market information and consultation on whether to move forward with the development of a new technology system concept.
Comment: “Thank you. We could never have gone this far (the process) without you.”

Challenge: Global corporation needed customer perceptions to serve as first-generation information for market planning regarding one of their diagnostic technologies.
Comment: “Thank you for meeting our very short timeline. This is exactly what we needed. Now, we can make plans for a more extensive study. We look forward to working with you, again.”

Challenge: A medical-surgical device company needed a customer survey to provide insight from over 200 surgeons.
Comment: “All is great with your survey!  Everything worked out great!  Thanks.”

Challenge: Emerging biotechnology company needed a component of highly focused market entry research within a fairly immediate timeframe.
Comment: “Great! This provides us with a great start as we work to better define our market entry points.”

Challenge: Renowned surgical company wanted to further understand surgeon perceptions regarding a particular area of biologics.
Comment: “It is always a pleasure to work with you.  Nice work.”

Challenge: Global company outside of the medical industry wanted to grow business within the medical device space.
Comment: “Your work and contacts established a solid platform for getting us started.”

Challenge: National organization needed a highly comprehensive supply and demand research study to be developed surrounding a very focused segment of healthcare providers.
Comment: “The group was extremely pleased…..and appreciates the efforts that you and your organization went too to accomplish…”

Challenge: Biotechnology startup company needed to create new relationships in order to support pipeline development.
“Great introduction and start.  Exactly the type of expertise I need to move forward. Thanks!”

Challenge: A medical device manufacturer wanted Corathers Health to lead a planning session with company executives.
Comment: “(it) was the genesis of our disease-specific strategy from which (product) was conceptually born.”