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Cathy Corathers,
Chief Officer

Chief Officer

Cathy Corathers provides continuity and the primary leadership for the firm. In addition to herservice as a working Chief Officer, Ms. Corathers is the founder of Corathers Health Consulting.

Cathy Corathers

Not only has she interviewed thousands of physicians and healthcare leaders throughout theyears, Ms. Corathers continues to connect with some of the most prestigious and celebratedmedical and surgical innovators in the world.

Ms. Corathers, RN, MA, earned her Master’s degree from West Virginia University in HealthEducation.

Through her designer firm, she has assisted a great range of organizations, from emergingcompanies to flagship corporations. Ms. Corathers has provided support to the Product LineReviews for the Department of Defense, U.S. Army Telemedicine and Advanced TechnologyResearch Center (TATRC).

Corathers Health, a designer firm with global capabilities, remains dedicated to theadvancement of healthcare innovations.