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About CHC

Our Belief:

Healthcare innovators need front-running information, including insight that illuminates physician/provider perceptions and priorities. Through highly customized initiatives, Corathers Health strives to provide unmatched insight initiatives that focus on special needs and priorities.

Cathy Corathers, Founder and Chief Officer


Cathy Corathers provides continuity and the primary leadership for the firm. In addition to her service as a working Chief Officer, Ms. Corathers is the founder of Corathers Health Consulting.

Corathers Health has networked with thousands of physicians and healthcare leaders to generate important perceptions and related medical market insights.

In addition, Corathers Health Consulting includes physician luminaries and unique specialty consultants for many of our highly customized projects. Such distinguished consultation can supply an unparalleled differentiating factor of critical value when dealing with the complex industry of healthcare.


CHCSignature Service: Blinded Physician Perception/Surgeon Customer Research

Corathers Health has been perfecting exclusive physician perception research processes that have produced the firm’s signature service. Such exceptional survey capabilities enable Corathers Health to harness vital physician opinions that serve as the foundation for many customized projects. Corathers Health offers multiple methodologies for data extraction including on-line surveys, one-to-one in person interviews, nominal group processes and telephone interviews.

With respect to first-rate medical market surveys, Corathers Health provides unique interpretations as a special ingredient to this signature service-line.

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