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Medical Market Insight Initiatives ● Provider Perception Research ● B2B Services

Dedicated to the Advancement of Healthcare Technologies and Innovations

Services for Surgical, Device and Technology Companies

  • Medical Market Entry Research Initiatives
  • Medical Market Validation Initiatives
  • Blinded Physician Perception/Surgeon Customer Research
  • Hospital Market Insight Studies
  • Medical/Surgical Sales Team Perception Studies
  • Communication and Connectivity Services

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LuminaryExpress™ Service

CHC’s LuminaryExpress™ service can enable a company to glean wisdom, without getting bogged down in an information overload……

Medical Market Insight Initiatives

Corathers Health can provide highly-customized medical market insight initiatives for medical, surgical and biotechnology companies that need critical support information surrounding market entry or market validation.

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Challenge: Emerging medical device company needed market entry research and analysis for a new medical product.
Comment: “We continue to use the market entry work that Corathers completed for us. In fact, we used it as a part of our presentation to a potential global distributor and they said it was the best entry research that they had ever seen”.

Physician/Provider Perception Research

Corathers Health has been perfecting exclusive physician/provider perception research processes that have produced the firm’s signature service. Such exceptional survey and interview capabilities enable Corathers Health to harness vital provider opinions that serve as the foundation for many customized projects.

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Challenge: Global surgical company needed specific surgeon insight within a quick turn-around- time.
Comment: “This is really good.  Great job….to you and your team.  Looks really good.  Will really help us in the (next) quarter”.

Communication Services

Corathers Health can provide medical, surgical, biotechnology and diagnostic device  companies with a variety of unique B2B services.

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Challenge: Global company outside of the medical industry wanted to grow business within the medical device space.
Comment: “Your work and contacts established a solid platform for getting us started.”


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